NEED HELP!! amp is shutting off


I just installed a BOSS amp k-580 900watt. and its powering 1 AudioBahn flame q 10" sub. 900watts rms. the subs hits for like 5 mins or less. and then the amp will turn off. the red power light comes on and it just stops and i have to turn the radio off and turn it back on. i have 2 ground wires running to it. also the remote wire is sharing power with the power wire also. should i just connect the remote wire directly to the battery?

1. Why do you have 2 grounds for one amp?
2. Do you mean you have the remote wire running to the power input on the amp?

You need to run the remote wire to something else if you do, like the HU or a fuse or something besides the amp itself. don't run it to the battery b/c then the amp will reamain on at all times and drain your battery. Another tip is keep your ground as short as possible, i have a strange feeling that you ran the ground back to the battery. Try connecting it to a bolt or something already in the rear of your car, make sure that it has contact with the body(ie: no paint on bolt)

Try using the search button on this forum for more details.

amp protection?

mine had the same problem and i had to restart my deck to fix it. turn down the power of your amp if you have it at fullpower....

is Your Boss Amp 900 RMS, or Max?

How is your sub Wired?
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