Looking to hook up car amp and subs to home stereo system


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i have a boss 700 watt amp and 2 10' orion subs in a bandpass box. they can no longer be in my ride, so i was wondering if there is a way to hook amp/subs to home receiver..i have receiver/ speakers hooked up to pc..i've looked around on here for info on it and found some sayin it can be done (but not really clear instructions) and others sayin dont do it..i'd like to find a way TO hook it up.any good info. (even a diagram) would be greatly appreciated!!

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Subs: yes
Amp: you might as well get a home sub amp.

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You need to get a different kind of amp. You need a home theater amp - a car amp won't work.

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To operate a car amp indoors means either a portable 12v power source or a car battery. Using a car batt indoors is just not safe and most portable sources won't keep up with anywhere near that kind of draw. I have several power inverters I can connect to a 12v source to run small aplliances for a short period of time. Any significant draw shuts the inverter down and sounds an alarm. Manufacturers don't recommend running the portable while charging so you're limited to how fast you pull from it before you kill it. Mind you your amp wasn't made for this and will almost certainly void your warranty. Keep the car batts outside as well, last thing you want is any gases exploding. You've read ppl warning about this idea for more than one reason.

Possible yes. Smart?

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Edesign has some kinda 4000 watt home amp on there site or something lol

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Only $7,762.

8000w @ 8ohms bridged mono.

Not bad when you consider it's free shipping.

http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/324924-REG/Crown_Audio_IT8000_I_T8000_2100 _Watt.html

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also not bad when you consider thats 8000w @ 8 ohm.. translate that down to 1 ohm.. or even 0.5 ohm :P ... that would be one beastly amp if it handled that

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Lol. Now who would need that kinda juice in HT??????

Maybe someday me.
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