Sorry Paul...this guy had to one up you on your HT


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Username: Naledge503


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Registered: Jun-06
j/p.....look at it though, its CRAZY

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Username: Imnothereimjustvisiting

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Username: Wingmanalive

A pic is worth 1000 posts!!

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Registered: Jun-06
Yes he does lol.

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Username: Wingmanalive

A pic is worth 1000 posts!!

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Money talks doesn't it??????!!!!!!

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Username: Jkidder


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thats wtf i call tube amps baby... wow

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Username: Cenus

Hicksville, Ohio

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WOW is all i can say

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^^^me too, all i can say is wow

mostly bc i have NOOOO idea wtf half that stuff is in the first doubt it sounds about a system to wake the neighborhood

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Username: Denali_on_22s

Im just light up my......

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my dad has a tube amp that looks exactly like one of those... had no clue it was so valuable

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Username: Extrmndor3

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it sure it migth sound superb... but perharps my coffe maker looks better indeed

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Username: Th3pwn3r

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Stupid looking and very impractical setup.I bet it sounds sick though!

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Username: Drivingreckless

DD 9515f, 148.2 db Mov...

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Its not always about how it looks!!
i bet that shakes a few books

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Username: Denim, MD

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He loves his horns.

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Username: Kpa2727

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at first thought i was betting for sure that some neighbor was like ur sound system ain't jack. then this guy decide ah efff you and built that. i'm just curious where the bill for noise tickets and neighbor broken windows stacks up at. plus think about when cold weather comes, ah man tht must be bitchh.
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