Engine Noise Problem... PLEASE HELP!


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When my engine is off there is no noise from the speakers but when the engine is running, I get the whining noise that increases when the engine is accelerated. The power cables are all running on the opposite side of the car away from the rem and rca cables. the ground cable is coming out of the capacitor into the chassis of the car. the only ground i am not too sure of is the HU ground. would that make the difference? I need some advice as to how to fix this! please and thanks

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The HU ground could be the problem. Just reground it in a different spot. it all just a matter of trial and error. There are a lot more knowledgeable people in here that can help you though so id hold out and see what they say.

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try ground before the cap, Redo HU ground, And try a diffrent set of rcas. It mostlikly is a ground issue some where. Where is the cap grounded? Is it a good clean paint free chassis ground? Also, make sure alt to chassis ground is good, as well as bat to chassis ground. and moter to chassis ground as well.

Try running a temp wire from bat ground to amp ground (disconnect exsiting one) and see if noise stops. If so, its ground issues. If not its rca issues or HU issues.
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