Is this my best choice


i have about $$350 to spend on subs and i want something that is gonna
be good and loud....i was thinking about 3 alpine type r 10's anyone
have ane suggestions on these subs or and other subs that i can get in
this price range???

thank you


Bin Laden
Unregistered guest
You can get 3 Adire Shiva 12's for $125 each. They move a ton of air and get loud as hell. They sound good too for the money. Much better than your Alpine type R 10's. I hope this helps.

thanks bin laden i might do that..what kind of box should i get and how big of an amp... like to get the amp for around $$$300

Bin Laden
Unregistered guest
For the Shiva's a sealed box would be best. You can buy a triple 12 sealed box at For the Shiva's you don't need much power but Adire says it can handle about 350 watts per sub. If it were up to me I would buy the JBL Power Valve BP 1200.1 mono sub amp on it is on sale for $300 and it puts out 600 watts. That would be 200 watts on each Shiva 12 and that would sound very nice.
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