Is this right, 2nd battery?


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alright im running 2 12" SE's on a RE 12.1 and CDT HD-62's on a jl 300/2 and i killed my battery. I took my system out and im about to go buy a new battery. The guy told me that instead of getting a HO alt i could just get a 2nd battery, yellow or red top, and be alright. He said it would probably be about 150$ cheaper. Input on if this is true? Also, im proabably about to sell 1 of the SE's to someone on here if someone wants it, would 1 12" SE and the CDT's run on my stock alt and battery or what should i do then?

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My shop told me to get one of these batteries and it should be alright with the regular battery I have...

$118 is kind of expensive to me though, they were gonna charge me $175 plus tax. haha.

Kinetik HC800 750 CA Power Cell Battery

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could've just been a fluke man, old battery?

the RE amp and the JL are both great amps, very very efficient and you should be able to run all of that on a stock alt unless its like 80 amps...

generally, adding a second battery won't really help bc your alt might not be strong enough to keep it charged..

try buying some 0/1 gauge and doing the big 3 upgrade and see if you're still having problems...

but mainly, i feel as if this was just a fluke, you should be fine on your stock alternator

important point: if and when you sell your RE 12.1, you need to contact me..

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alright well i took my subs and 12.1 out of my car and i left my components in. Just got a new battery, titanium something from autozone. i just tested it out without the subs and its running fine right now, and ill find out further when i go to see oceans 13 with my girl.

Ill post pictures of the SE's and 12.1 in the next day or two once i find a digital camera.
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