"Going Active" ?????


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I'm sorry, I've searched google a little bit, but I cannot find any simple explanations. I was talkin to a guy who said he's "going active" with his front stage (i guess something along the lines of powering the tweets and mids seperately) what does this mean? Also in CA&E this month a guy was running 3 amps (for like the tweeters, midbass, and then the third component in the triple comp things) ahah sorry if this is making no sense, but what are the advantages of this and how do you get everything to execute the right signals. little help would be great.

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When going active you get rid of the passive crossovers that come with your components. Instead you get an Active Crossover, I think thats what its called. Anyways. With this, the crossover comes before the amp unlike before, it was after the amp. It is powered separately. Depending if you wanna go 2 way or 3 way. I'm going to use a audiocontrol 6xs. I have to buy new chips to set the frequency range that I want to run. I don't know how other crossovers work.

Take a look at this link

I'm running all my components up front so I got the 6xs. 1 channel for the tweets, 1 for the midrange, and in the future, I might use the 3rd channel for midbass.

25hz-80hz subs
80hz-3500hz midrange
3500hz and up for my tweeters
This is the frequency range I'll probaly be using.

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take a look here

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i run active

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damn, thanks berny, that explained a LOT, haah you nailed it 100%. Technique, i'm about to check out that link, but either way, thanks for the quick response

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haha either way, sounds pretty damn expensive though...

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active FTW. once you go active you'll never go passive.

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i looked at the title of this thread and thought it was talking about military stuff.. hahaha
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