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Who can get the memphis 4000 for $450jnralp009
Desperate for help...amp problemsSkieS7
Need a solid amp for 2 Type R's around $250.00ReArrangeYaMind39
Dumbfounded and lost J B8
Help, diamond audio tech support is confusing meMat Dope *****2
A rumor i've heardJoey DeSalvo6
Humming noise from my fosgateAdam Carpenter7
Suggestions for an ampctmike19
6,000 watts of power bass ampsOleg41
Autotek MM1400.1DdBoiz16
One more time...BeN5
Finally got my stuffjuliob4
1985 Lincoln Towncar premium soundNate So4
Throw some D's IN that bish?J B3
Hifonics BXi 1206DPhillip Solorio52
2 Amps with only 1 Bass knob?Polo19
Sub thread?????juliob7
Best 6x9 speakers Under$juliob3
I need 700-800 Watts RMS...Can't find a good amp! Help...Rich DiTieri29
Problem with my amp...i think, anyone help?John Robert Cooper15
Best Amp for Two JL Audio 10W1V2'saaron carpenter12
Good amp for kicker comp-vr subspremier sound26
1500-2000 @ 2 ohmNate So9
Amp for a AA assassin 8"Steve H4
Setting gain with dmmTremor11279
Craig powerplay Post Whore..........2
Power QuestionBig dog5
Generic 15'sPost Whore..........5
Cheap amp 1500rms 1ohm...KiLLa4
Looking to buy 1000watt@ 2ohmsJK11
Wanted - Orion 2500DS.P.D4
New HCCA ampsQ4
JL Audio AMP - No Bass?Ryan Wehrle9
ZX550.2 to speakers?M.S.3
Capacitor wiringOleg12
HU and gain M.S.2
Ppi???Joey DeSalvo6
Running Dual Alternators Questions???MeSoDumm10
Need help with subs?ctmike2
Sub box of fireM.S.32
Battery/Capacitor for my amp and subs?Optidriven15
I need an amp for my subs help!!!Oleg18
Need some help Oleg2
Amp goes straight into protective mode?Sinful Systems Inc.5
Kicker ampsTony Harrell1
Good Amp for subsJoey DeSalvo5
Whats the best amp for me??lucas beckner5
How to tell if my amp is clippingM.S.5
Orion amps early 90's TWiZTiD2
Running Dual Alternators Questions???M.S.2
Whats the diff between 4awg and 8 awg??GlassWolf4
Which is better for a 5 channel amp.SkieS7
I need a 1200 @ 1 ohm amp!!Polo43
What frequeny should i be on?M.S.9
How to tell if an amp is clippingJustin Garth1
4 Gauge Ground Wire + 2 Gauge Power Wire = Disaster?Justin Garth4
How to tell if an amp is clippingJustin Garth1
Wich 1 of these amps is better?michael foland31
2 ohms or 4 ohmsMatthew Remsen3
The best 4 channel JL amp for around 200 dollars...Christogq12
WTF KIckerPolo15
Which amp to buy for my mojo?Post Whore..........5
Will this be enough?IcePick9
Need Help Choosing Ampaaron carpenter7
Need an amp!Jake Hill26
SX900.2 vs KX1200.1 for 2x 12" Type R'sOleg40
Is anybody selling a.....Marcus Thompson1
Imade a set of db12s smoke with a zx1000.1Joey DeSalvo15
I need an amp for my subs help!!!josh1
What should i offer?Oleg4
Is this a good amp for the price?juliob4
Anyone interested in an old school amp?Anthony1
Audioque sub wiringSnarl200410
Dru Da Jew 2TWiZTiD1
Amp to push q???Brad Warren10
Directed 1100d5 to power 13 Ov.2 4ohm sub and interiorsLake Gates3
Amp on but no soundaaron smith22
Which amp to buy for my mojo?M.S.2
Which amp is best of these?M.S.19
Quick Amp QuestionSinful Systems Inc.5
MA Audio MA12BP.. which amp???Sinful Systems Inc.36
Need speakers to go with crossfire vr2000Sinful Systems Inc.6
Protection lightSinful Systems Inc.6
Quick Question, please help.GlassWolf2
Quick Question, please help.Oleg5
Zx1000.1 problemsctmike6
Can you wire subs and 6x9s to a mono amp?GlassWolf4
Rockford Fosgate Power T40001bd question..Charlie Anderson6
I have a questionM.S.7
Alpine question..juliob5
Monoblock amp under 250juliob3
Battery/Capacitor for my amp and subs?chris1
How to test an ampDru Da Jew 22
Will This Sound good ?ctmike39
Amp SetupM.S.5
Sony XPlod ProblemsM.S.3
Is there a way to tell....livin'loud10
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