How to Hook My Amp to booster pack


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Hey guys im sittin around my house bored as f@ck, i wanted to hook up my amp to a booster pack, if seen it done before my brother in law did it, do i hook the ground of teh amp to the negative of the booster pack or no? im confused about that part if u can either A. Draw a Diagram or B. Preciesely tell me what to do, or both that would be greatly appreciated, thanks guys lol

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Username: Ridinspinnas

Cayuga, Ontario Canada

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Anybody please help me!!!!

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wtf is a booster pack?

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Lol, exactly what I was thinking

Maybe he means a capacitor?

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are you talking one of those packs to jump start your car? or what?

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Where do these guys come up with this sh1t?

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lol someone help him. i wanna know how this turns out.

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i read just to find out what a "booster pack" was. i was like wtf is that? i'm not that new to this lol

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yuh bro u split the positive n' put one to positive of booster then put the other split of it in the wall socket wit the negative. adds tons of horsepower

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is this for like home application or what? JK, spill this sh!t lol
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