1600 watt amp for $50 on ebay


Theres tons of these 1600 watt cuspid amps . i know the company over rates them but even if they only produce a 1000 or even 800 actual watts how do they still sell them so cheap . enlighten me.

Dont get it I bought one and it only puts a 80x2 RMS bridged. Sound quality was crappy and fuzzy sounding. It probably hit about 160 max, forget 1600

i bought one of those cuspid's and i only hooked it up once to crappy speakers, so i dont know the quilty, but im selling it to someone, would you happen to know the retail on it, or at least give me a idea on how much i can "hussel" him i mean it does say 1600 watts and its a shiny flashy amp
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