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I've been seing alot of headunits with USB ports on either the front face or back face of head units. I was wondering if this makes it capable to connect and use and ipod via a single ipod USB cable with no extra products needed?


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I believe so, As long as the Ipod is not looking to charge from it. Anything over like .5ma draw can effect performance.
Email Kenwood, or look an ebay for kenwood ipod interface adapters. Honestly if you have the usb, just get a thumb drive and plug and play. And look at the Excelon line. The x590, X890 Ect.

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From this on ilounge.com:

Q: I recently bought an in-dash CD deck for my car which has a USB port for plugging in my iPod to play tunes from its library. But whenever I do, it plays the same list of random songs every time. The songs aren't members of any certain playlist. It's a seemingly random selection from my library, but it's always the same ones. I'm unable to override this no matter what I do. Any suggestions on how I can play the playlists I want through the stereo?

- Johnny

A: Unless a car stereo's USB port feature is accompanied with an explicit mention of iPod compatibility, you can - unfortunately - be sure it will be nearly useless to iPod users. Decks offering generic USB compatibility with music players work by searching the devices' file structure for compatible tracks. Here's the catch: even the best of these players, which organize the identified tracks according to the folders they're stored in, will not be useful with iPods. This is because all iPods store tracks in random locations spread across 20 or so folders. A specially-crafted database created behind the scenes by iTunes instructs the iPod on how to access and organize these tracks.

In short, it's bad news for you and your CD deck. If your deck supports an auxiliary input, you can simply use an audio cable from your iPod's headphone jack or a line-out adapter to feed analog audio to your car's system.

For other readers, know that in-dash decks certainly do exist which have the ability to read the iPod's database, and therefore correctly navigate its listing of Artists, Albums, Playlists, and more. We've covered a high-end example here, but cheaper options exist with full iPod database-browsing capabilities, both as full stereo-replacement decks and as adapters that work with factory stereos in many new cars. Check the list of manufacturers at Apple's iPod-Car Integration web page.

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instead of using a usb port your better finding something with RCA inputs or with an ip-bus that you can get a cable to make rca inputs.

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Kenwood makes an interface for them. Its the 500 something. Check Kenwood ,com

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The main reason they are making decks with USB inputs is so you can dump a bunch of songs on a thumb drive and just plug it in and go.

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^^^ Exactly. 2 gig drive = 400+ songs.
by the way, the new 2007 Kenwood decks are Ipod ready thru usb, with no adapters. Can controll Ipod thru deck. Look at the X591

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I just bought a Jensen vm9021ts and i was wondering how to get the videos on an ipod to play on the head unit ... or do they?

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jvc makes the best hu that has front usb port

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Agreed. KD-AR820 Ftw.
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