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Orion concept 97.3Pasi1
Help!Jack Coleman1
Lady in DistressOleg29
Looking for a amp that would hold 1 ohm at 1000KiLLa4
Serious amp Question?KiLLa4
Amp rated for 2-16ohm blew when connected to 4 ohm speaker and tweeterKiLLa2
Problem with ampFrank Maess1
Problem with ampFrank Maess1
Audiobahn Amp selection helpKyle8
Need helpMatt Lutz17
MA Audio SubsOleg18
4/3/2 channel amp - 6 speakers???James Longo9
PG XS4600Marc5
Hccad2400 or Kx1200.2James Longo4
Alpine mrv-t757 amplilvi3tsoulja@yahoo.1
Alpine mrv-t757 amplilvi3tsoulja@yahoo.1
good componet amp for sale 125Mat Dope *****2
2 mono channel amps?Joe Stanton1
New amp Tim36
A2100djon johnson10
CVR vsjuliob28
How do you guys think this will soundAndre Money4
Which kicker ampYeah Right8
Looking for a amp that would hold 1 ohm at 1000Q5
Is this a good amp to usejuliob5
FS: Crossfire VR404 (NIB)kklagge7
Any one ever set (mod) rail voltage?Marc3
Autotek bumpndatrunk7
I could use some help!!James Longo14
Xtant x1001 with LQF45 Module Perfect ConditionJK3
AMP for 2 Audiobahn flame series subs HELP!!James Longo17
Kenwood ampsjuliob5
Diamond Audio D6 1500.1juliob6
Looking for New Amp Q15
Which way on a sub boxJames Longo19
Just Got Shocked!!!!!M.S.9
Crossfire VR1000D!!!!richard12
Memphis Audio RepairJoey DeSalvo9
Rail voltage Adjusting Marc1
Rail voltage Adjusting Marc1
Need amp!!!New To FTA4
AMP for 2 Audiobahn flame series subs HELP!!Kyle1
MA AUDIO M1900XE for eclipse 12 inch subM.S.5
Unique WhipsI- Malik8
SproblemsJames Longo2
SproblemsM&M Audio Concepts2
Good 4ch amp..Oleg13
Amp for Alpine speakers...¤Jack_k飣iñgoñ¤9
SproblemsSteven Wiebenga1
What type of amp?Oleg2
US Amps Md 2 stable at .5 ohm?ReArrangeYaMind5
BASS EQivan jacobs1
BASS EQivan jacobs1
Spl 3kwJ B1
4000 rms juliob8
New eD 5 channel ampReArrangeYaMind1
Fuses meltedjerome baker23
How to hook up ure amp to see if it is blownmichael foland8
Just Got Shocked!!!!!chris webb1
Wires came undone, less powerDavid West8
Soundsteam TRA 560.2 For Sale Still Have warrantyJoey DeSalvo2
Plaese help edward Matthews5
Whats the difference?nick high2
A little help hereOleg24
Funny smell??I- Malik17
Budget ampI- Malik12
Problem with a8002tOleg13
Chargeing systemjuliob6
How to get ur amp tested. or WhereM.S.17
Rms questionMat Dope *****22
Strapping ampsMat Dope *****3
Guys i need help LowLife19
Memphis mcd-1000 vs. alpine pdx 1000 vs. rockford fosgate t10001bdjuliob15
Question about my System...Derek Jackson2
2 Amps 2 Subs Need HelpOleg Ni2
I need a little help guysOleg Ni2
AutoTek MM1400.1DOptidriven10
Alpine M1005Joey DeSalvo13
What freq do u set ur HU at?Mat Dope *****7
4gauge okay for ednine.1 at 1ohmOleg Ni4
Kicker zx 1500.1 good enough for two 12" tc 3000's????[...Rovin...]9
Help me pick my ampjuliob10
Problem with a8002tcody hadley1
Where to send blown subs???chris webb7
Some BSI- Malik23
Kicker SX1250.1Logan2
Need 2 15'sLogan2
Settings for JL 500/1 amp and 15 in. Eclipse subLogan2
Kenwood Kac 424 Logan2
Replacing my power acoustik with JBLOleg Ni4
Kenwood Kac 424 stoian petkanov petk1
RF: T1001BD and 300.2juliob3
What size fuse?Mat Dope *****11
Is 1 ohm or 4 ohm louder at the same wattageMat Dope *****34
Looking for nine.1 or 1200dKyle Longbrake6
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