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Straight from MAXXSONICS


Of all our brands under Maxxsonics, Hifonics is the elite big power amps, Autotek is big power and sleek looks, and Crunch is budget power.


Mike Stiers

Maxxsonics USA

Product Development Specialist

Phone: 847-540-7700

Fax: 847-540-9776

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if hifo is supposed to be such a high power line, then why are they over rated

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^^^^^ x2

Hifonics makes good budget amps, but they would get more respect if they didn't over-rate them by 20%.

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another fact is that autotek was better before maxxsonics, so they converted autotek a cr4p in order to keep hifonics as their top brand? hmm...

I think their XX line is good and reliable. Brutus is budget and decent. Can't go wrong there..

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i hate over-rated sh!t..!!!!!!! unless its underrated :-)......dont get offended by this... unless u are a nub and know it....

They over rate their products because the people who ussualy buy budget things are cheap people from the ghetto lookin for a bit of bass... they dont care if its clean or what.. if it gets loud they are happy and think its the sh!t.... but when u get into the more pro side of it... u realize its sh!t and u actually thought it was bad@ss back then.... lol.... its like only 1 outta every 20 setups i hear has the gain set right.. the rest are clipping and distorted.. but they say its loud so be it....

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^^^^^ Hifonics amps are not bad quality. They just don't put accurate power ratings on them.

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They're not THAT underrated. They put out closer to their ratings if you have a better charging system.
They also have a 9-12V knob you can set to draw less power.

They are better than anything sony has ever put out, and they kick the sh*t out of any amp that best buy or circuit city has to offer. CC still has the kicker 1200/1, which is about equal to my
tx1505D, except that they sell it for $699 plus tax. So for joe blow on the street, hifonics is a good amp.

If you work in a high end car audio shop, or have a trust fund with thousands of dollars you can drop without a care, then by all means get the memphis, fosgate power, soundstream or whatever your favorite brand is, and be stoked on it.

But if you actually have rent and bills to pay,
something by hifonics might not be a bad idea.

Power from the gods, yo.

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Thats why SAVE and buy the things you really want. and you can shop at online stores and ebay. It will save you a grip of money. And I have rent and bills and 3 kids...still got a nice system.
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