6.5" Component Speakers Location Question


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I am thinking of buying some Polk MOMO MMC6500 components for my Camaro. I currently have Infinity 60 RMS watt coaxil speakers in the front doors and 50 watt alpine type S coaxils in the back. I know everyone says to put components in your front speakers if you only have one set, but where my speakers are in the front is so far down and up almost like underneath the dash...and the way the speaker cut out in the door panel is, even just the woofer is kind of covered, and there isn't any room really to put the tweeter next to it.

However, my back speakers are at ear level, and have more than enough room to mount the woofer and tweeter next to each other.

Is putting the components in the back a bad idea???

I want to mount the tweeters next to the woofers, and not like in the pillar...other wise ya i'd put the components in the front.







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you will get very mixed messages on teh comp set in the back. Is it bad . .. . no, but it is if you want to abide by a true audio enthusiast point of view. If you will be competing in SQ, front only might be the way you want to go. Ive only heard a couple of comp sets that would supply enough sound to overide the sound put out by 2-12's (or more) in a nice box.

So just that you have a rear channel, does not mean you are goin to have a system that sounds like sh*t, it means that from an sudiophiles point of view, imaging/dynamics will not be accurate. That and comps sound better in the front, less you sitting in the back, or have friends sitting in the back too. I personally have 2 comp sets (front and rear), and I love the way it sounds.

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This is how i paid for my kicker subs and xplode amp

No lie!!!


Get started today!!

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bump...any other opinions?

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A front component set on an amp is the way to go. Forget about the rear, good systems don't even run any rear speakers. Also it is not required to mount the tweeter next to the woofer. Mount it wherever you can.
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