Hard hitting rap songs


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i need to get some good rap songs that have a lot of bass. anything that has a good beat and hard hitting

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18 of Love Fi Audio

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wish i could pull up an old thread on this... there have been so many lol. do a search through the threads, i'm sure you can find one

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How about the 400+ thread in the accessories section!

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i have to say the search features on ecoustics BLOW IMO

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^^^^^^^^^^^^true that

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Imortal Box Building

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lil jon-rep yo city

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we need stickys

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Username: Ars88

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walk it out -dj unk and andre 3000

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(take out the space)

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i just realized "baby got backs" by sir mix alot hits hard. i mean it hits hard. lol.

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get the jock jams cd lol...it actually does hit pretty hard.

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Kids Bop 11 bumps pretty hard in my Blazer.

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soldiers from the northside by juicy j

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Username: Basssquared

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was anyone else surprised that king kong by jibbs doesnt bump as hard as youd think it would?

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Username: Trey4sports

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LMFAO kidz bop, thats sum funny sh!t

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bump plus stupid question but does neone know ne songs about volkswagens lol lmao just wondering you know since they make a lot of songs about chevys and caddys i was just wondering

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Yea boi,

I exspecially like
"baby got books" sir mix alot
"im cleaning out my room" eminem
and "clean your city" by lil jon

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theres a song i found out that has some tight @ss bass its T-Pain's- Ur Not The Same

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i like pimp c's knockin doorz down

that is, if you can hit the 40hz and under :P

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I went to a comp a year or so ago and this song was hitting higher db's than bass mekanik. Just don't be cranking it in the wrong neighborhood or you could be in big trouble lol:

Lil Jon And The Eastside Boys feat. Too Short - Couldn't Be A Better Player

I upped it to sendspace. Get it here:


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Username: 420alldaylong

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Anything from 3 6 Mafia
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