I'm an Idiot - please help



i have a problem. to make a long story short i bought a lot of stuff, then changed my mind and now have a fosgate 500x sitting in my room. here is what i do have installed:

pioneer deh 7400mp deck
pair of pioneer 4x6s
pair of pioneer 6.5s

i am in need of some bass, so i want to get a sub of some kind, but i dont think i can do what i want with a 500x. i can only go like 250 X2 bridged, and i think i only want one sub. what do you guys think??

should i just get two punch 12 subs?
should i pop the 500x and pick up a power amp for just one or two subs?

like i said, i am a total idiot when it comes to this stuff, so please tell me anything you can, even if you think its just common sense stuff. thanks

Have you decided on how many subs you want? Once you have, make sure you know how muck power you want. then I recommond a d class and or a two channel amp. Do keep in mind how much ampers you can give or else you will needed a cap and upgrade you wiring. could get expansive. recommend a 15inch sub and class d with low ampers rating.

Bass Thrust
The 500x is a good amp. It will power most 10's or 12's with no problem. The misconception most people make is that they think because an amp is rated higher in watts than what their sub(s) can handle they don't use that amp. That's not correct. Most subs are damaged when the amp is too weak and goes to distortion causing the sub to fail. You can never have enough watts, just turn down the gain on your amp. Now, you want only one sub. What you will need to do is buy a subwoofer that has dual voice coils (DVC). I've personally used Image Dynamics DVC's and highly recommend them, but any dvc will work. You will need to buy the "dual 4 ohm voice coil" model which allows you to power this one sub with 250w going to each voice coil. Done correctly your sub should rock! Good luck.
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