No sound from my speakers and sub.


I have a 4x100 MB amp with 2 channels bridged to run my sub and the other two going to my front speakers. My rear speakers are un-amped right now. My deck was stolen a while back. When I had it in, everything worked great. I just installed a new deck and I'm not getting any sound out of my sub and really quiet crackly noise from my front speakers. The amp is on and I have sound from my rear speakers. Any ideas on what might have happened?

When your deck was stolen how did the remove it? I had the same thing happen to me, and when the stole my deck, the did alot of wire yanking. When I re-installed a new deck I had similar problems to you, and come to find out, they had pulled the wires hard enough to cut into the RCA lead to the amp, causing it to ground or something. I ran a new RCA lead and everything picked up like before.

Thanks for the tip. I think that is probably what happened because this morning it worked all right for a few seconds before cutting out. I will check the RCA leads. The remote wire is connected to one of the RCA leads and it was ripped when they stole my stereo. I didn't think of that before. Thanks
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