How hard?


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how hard is it to install a remote start.would i be better off having someone install it for me . it would be going in a 1984 lincoln towncar.

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from the back of the cd player to the amp...not hard at all...can u install rca's??....

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i think he's referring to the remote start for the whole car

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yeah it's not an easy task

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If you've done wiring for your car before and you're able to follow directions well you could do it but be sure you have the tools you need and the time to spend. Don't rush it and be careful and it's doable but it's not something I'd tackle on my own and it's often worth just paying to have it done and not having to worry about issues or at least knowing you can bring it in if something doesn't work right.

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Pay the money and have it installed to save yourself from: head aches, many potential problems, and consumption of alot of your time. Just My Opinion. I agree with Darek Fanton, but I would recammend to take it somewhere and have it done professionally.

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is the car fuel injected or carburated?

fuel injected would be very simple as long as you can follow a wire diagram from the r/s unit and have the tools required. basically 6-8 connections...
+12v,IGN,ACC,START. Parking lights, brake, tachometer and hood-pin.

carburated is a whole 'nother story. you would have to add more mechanical connections then electrical. if this is true you'd be better off paying a shop to do it, and trust me it will be pretty expensive.

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Take it from someone who loves doing installs, ALARMS and REMOTE STARTERS blow........I attempted to do mine about two years ago, and I was just baffled at all the crap you have to do. If you have no clue on how to do this, then pay somone to do it.

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they don't blow, you just gotta know what your doing

i can my average r/s in about an hour and a half. thats all prep work, all work done under hood (tach hooked up, hood pin installed, wires loomed and hidden) and a stealthy install, not just footballed in the dash. i mean some cars get a little crazy but its not to hard.

a r/s alarm usually takes a little longer but its only a few extra wires. most shock sensors are dedicated, door triggers are usually for the most part easy to find, and siren can be done while doing hood work.

but yeah if you dont know and dont want to attempt pay someone lol
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