Grounding an amp?


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I know this is the wrong section but this section gets the most answers. Out of nowhere my amp just started to go into protection mode and I wanna say its a bad ground. How would I fix this problem becuase I only have like one bolt that can be used in the trunk and thats what im using for the ground. It was working good for months then just outta nowhere just stopped working. I checked the subwoofer wiring like 5 times to make sure its hooked up correctly so my only other suggestions is either a bad ground or the amp went bad, I can only turn the bass knob up like 1/4 anything past it the amp goes into protection mode. What can I do this fix this problem with the ground cuz im leaning toward thats the problem is the ground. I have a kicker zx1500.1 running 2 kicker 12" L7's

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did you make sure that everything was sanded down to bare metal..That will ensure a good clean ground...btw what kind of car you got>?

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thiers been two threads in one day bout kicker subs screwin up amps :-\

scrape the paint from were u ground it

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its a 2002 impala
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