Need help..have one rca jack in my head unit how do i hook up 2 amps? is there a way too convert another one?


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i have a kenwood head unit and i need two amps hooked up. 1 for sound the other for bass and i was wondering if they make something that i can split two amps with my 1 rca jack in the back of my head unit? well if u know what im talking about and have a pic of what i need or something please let me know i really need one...also does anyone know if a bazooka will fit a 87 toyota pickup truck? its a single cab so there isnt much is my head unit..Upload

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usually amps have rca hookups so you can hook up another amp to that one, that how I did my system, is I hooked up amp to amp and set one for low pass, and the other for high pass.

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well is that what the rca jack on the amp that one says in and the other says do u hook up the other amp too the out? that would be nice but i need a wire too go to the there anything i can buy that will let me split the wire from the amp instead of going all the way too the battery?

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Buy another head unit and install them both. one for bass, one for sound.

Or get RCA Y splitters. And yes, just jump the rem from one amp to the next.

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you mean do you need to run another power wire from the battery back to the second amp? if that was your questions, the answer is no. all you need is a distribution block. also, use another distribution block for the ground, and use just one grounding point in your car.

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Yes, you can use daisy chaining with your amplifier if it is capable. Splitters will often fail, in my past experiences. Just run RCA's from OUT on current amp to new amp. Then get a distribution block for your power wire so you don't have to run another power wire. Distibution blocks are cheap and can also be fused for greater protection. I would ground each amp separetly and try to make ground and power wires as short as possible to get the most voltage possible to your amps. This will keep you from buying two distribution blocks and get the most out of your system.
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