12" Kicker Solo-Baric L7 or Comp VX?


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Let me start off by saying that I've owned several Solo-Barics and I love them.. but they've always been in a ported box. This time I want to do a sealed box to save space and also for better SQ.

I had a 10" L7 in a ported box and it was amazing, but I once put it in a small sealed box and it sounded HORRIBLE. i think it was either because the box was too small, not air tight, or just poor quality.. but because of this incident I have doubts that an L7 will sound good in a sealed box.

I have a Kicker KX600.1 amp which actually makes 710W RMS. Now, whatever sub I get I'm going to be putting it into a small sealed enclosure. I just can't decide between the Comp VX and the L7. I know the L7 will be a bit louder because of the square cone, and honestly I like the look of the L7 more, but won't the VX be a little cleaner? Both handle 750W RMS, so the amp will be almost perfect to push either.

From what I understand, it's pretty much the same sub (same cone, magnet, frequency response, power handling, etc.) Just the L7 is square the the CVX is round, obviously. The CVX is also a little cheaper.. I just can't make up my mind! What would you all do? Thanks in advance..

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Out of those two if you want better SQ get the CVX 12". Do you have room for a small vented box if so try(2.5"x12.5"vent 20"long) don't forget about displacement. Thats what a friend of mind is useing and it beats and sounds good. And he got a Kicker KX400.1 on it.

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May bad

1.75cf vented box

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why kicker? you could get alot better subs to go with that amp. i mean the cvx isn't that bad but you could get better.

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yeah heck I will sell you my 12" arsenal for 150 plus shipping....... its a great sub......whoop both of those woofers with ease.....cheaper too

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for SQ, you can get a LOT of better subs. but if you like them, that is all that matters.:-)

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i just really like kicker. i think i'll get the CVX. it will go in about a 1.2 cfu sealed box.

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Like it has been said before, IMO I think you would be happier with another company like AA or Fi but like muddy said, as long as you are happy it's all good

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but the cvx does get loud ported and sounds way better than an L7

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JL W6, SS RL-i or RL-p
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