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ok right now i have 1 12in cvr... its loud as f@ck. well maybe not to u guys but it is to me. lol. ok i heard if ya get another sub u gain 3db. is it true? so i havent got it metered yet (hopefully tomorrow). but say im hittin 130.with another id hit 133 and another 136. right? cuz i wanted to get 1 or maybe 2 more. thanks

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you gain 3dB by doubling power or number of speakers.

you would need 3 more speakers to gain 6dB not 2 more speakers. you can also "mix and match" and add 1 more sub and another amp, to get +6dB.

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lets say @ 400 watts to one sub ur hittin 130 with one more sub but both gettin 200 each...400 total..youd get 133 dbs, to get 136, youd need 3 more subs, or one more sub and 400 more watts

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ok thanks... you guys answered my question perfect. im gonna try to get it metered tomorrow. i hope its in the 130's. cuz i have it in a 2.5^ft box tuned to 35hz. it sounds good and is really loud. i luv this sub its so cheap and its so do u guys think i could b hittin 130's. btw its got bout 800wrms to it.

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800wrms on a CVR would toast it for daily.. it might hold up for a 3second burp with that power but if I'm not mistaken they are only rated 400wrmsat is the coil config and amp you are running now? We could tell you what your actually putting to it...
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