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Ok, I have a 1992 Volkswagen Jetta GL 1.8L turbo diesel injection. I plan on running a 2000x1 mono amp to power 2 10's in the trunk (which is enourmous BTW). I replaced the 30A alternator that was in it with the biggest i could get for it, a 90A one. Everything on the car is manual and I have no air condition so the only thing the alt. runs literally are the lights. I don't think 70-75A (guesstimating since I dont know how many amps the lights pull) is enough to power the amp. So what I'm thinking of doing is having 2 SVR-100 batteries (http://www.svrbatteries.com/audio_line.html) in the back running the amp. They will be hooked up to the alt and isolated with a solenoid. I will run 4 gauge wire from the batteries to the amp and then have 8 gauge coming from alt. to batts. in back to charge. Do you think this will be sufficient power and also to not have any lights dimming?

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does the amp really put out 2Kwatts RMS?
If so, for full output you'd need about 200A from the alternator for that amplifier alone.
you're right, 90A is too small.
Look to Stinger or similar for a custom built alternator and get brackets made to mount it.

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by the way you need o gauge cable for that setup
4AWG is far FAR too small for 2 kilowatts.

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rofl.. x2 on the 4awg... your gunna need 0gauge, maybe even 00 if you want to be thorough

I didnt know a car could run on 30 amps.. even without a stereo system...

but, lets assume 100% efficiency and that you will ALWAYS get 14.4volts:

2000watts/14.4v == 139amps
so yeah, your gunna been a bit more umph to run 2kwatts.. and your gunna need a very manly pair of 10inchers to take a constant 1,000watts a peice.

Heres something alot of people overlook: Batteries are useless, unless you want to run your stereo with your car off, and then not be able to start your car later. Batteries dont generate power, only your alternator does that. Think of a battery as a buffer.. you can eat into that buffer all you want, but if you drain it completely, your in trouble. And if your alternator is only putting out maybe 60 amps, and your stereo is pulling in excess of 200... its a sure bet your going to A) explode or B) drain, then crack your battery(ies)

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yeah 1/0 AWG is good for a maximum of 350A of current, and that decreases as distance increases.
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