Two amps, one cuts out


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I'm running two amps atm and after about 30mins of driving the amp powering my regular speaker cuts out,but not my subs, but when i turn my car off and then back they work again but not very long. I am running both amps off one split remote wire, could this be the problem? Maybe a bad ground? Any ideas would be a aprreciated

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Username: Montecarlos11

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sorry accidently clicked the button twice

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are you sure its the amps cutting out or some kind of protection in the speakers/crossovers??

splitting the remote wire to 3 different amps is fine, but no more. any more and you need a relay so you don't fry tne REM output on the deck.

ground shouldn't be an issue. are they both grounded at the same point?? if not, try to if that doesn't make one of the grounds too long. you wanna keep them as short as possible.

check the gains and load on the amp thats shutting off. also see if you can check the voltage when the amp decides to shut off and make sure its not dropping too low. anything below 12.6 is bad.

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looks like a thermal protection for me.
try to check the temperature of the amplifier IC that drives the speaker that shutiing down...
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