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If say u have a slot port box and it has to be 20in long could u make a slot port on each side that would be 10 in long.

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any one know if this will work?

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i wanna know too

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i'm not understanding what you are tryin to say. are you talkin bout the port length as 20? draw a quick pic

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no.. lets say you have a port 5 inches wide and 7.3 inches long.. if you made it two ports both 5 inches wide the length would go to 20.5 inches.. more port area means the port will be longer.. now lets say you wanted the same port area but with two ports.. cut the width of the port down to 2 inches and then they would be 7.3 inches long so basically.. if you wanted to make two ports you would have to cut the width of that single port by 2 (in some cases more depending on the box) when you divide the port length in half

... i think lol :-) someone correct me if im wrong though

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you are right.:-)

if you had a port that had say or port area and need to be 20in. long...

you would make 2 ports each with roughly of port area and make each 10in. long.:-)
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