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john doe
i have two jensen 10inch subs in a bandpass box the max power is 750 watts what is the most powerful amp i could use.?

i have four jl audio 10w7 and im makeing a show car. I would like to run 2 of the subs and put them right behind the back seat area and have one powerful amp to run those which would be customed where the spare tire would go. The other 2 subs are being put where the wheel well area is, and would like to have a amp next to each one for show since these ones have to hit harder. The other 2 behind the seat are more for looks. which kinda amps do u recomend? Each subs continous power watage is 500, and the peak is 1000 and are duel 3 ohm. if you could give me some help i would be very grateful.

Jim Grant
David the 10w7 are single 3ohm subs and JL's 1000/1 would work great! Either on all 4 or 2 of them for all 4 to REALLY rock.But you really dont need 4, 3 would be easier to work with and only need 1-1000/1.

Could you give me what amp can i use for the 2x8inch sub with 6ohms and 300w ?

how do i link a car amp (380 watt - BASS FORCE)to my pioneer system which already has an amp. will this make my system louder ?
H - E - L - P P-L-E-A-S-E

I have a 12" JL Audio sub and was wondering what amp I should buy to run it with

I have One 12W7 with a box i got that clamed to be custom made for it. i was wonder the best amp at the best price that i should use

hi have 2 subs that have continues of 1000watts each and peak power handling of 2000 each with a 2 channel 4000watt amp with contineous at 800*2 is this good enough of a amp or should i try to find a bigger one also wht type of capacitator should i use with this sub

I have two bazooka EL1004 10s running off a 600 watt lighting audio amp im adding two more EL1004 10s and another 600 watt amp but i was woundering if running 4 10s off of one higher powered amp would sound just as good or better or even worse

different amp and sub combinations yield different results. personally i'd go with two separate amps. but for convenience and ease of installation, one powerful amp would be good.
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