I know everyone hates this question - What are good Amps?


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Ok, I have been a little bit of a lurker on this board but I am ready to redo the stereo in my Lotus Esprit S4s. The car has a new Alpine head unit, and I am planning on getting the Boston Acoustics Z6 fronts, Boston Acoustics NEO Type M Tweeds for the rear along with JL Audio W60s (one on each side) to finish off the rear. The cab is small (two seats, nothing more) and I am wondering what brands of Amps are still good out there. 10 years ago I owned a car audio install company and I know we couldn't keep Orion or US Amps in stock to save our lives because they were so popular. Anyone have any suggestions on a good amp to power said speakers with good quality? Probably needing a 4 channel (front left right, and bridged rear sub) unless anyone has any suggestions on that as well. Thanks for any input.

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And since I forgot to add, price isn't really a consideration, but $500 - $600 is what feels like the right price for me to spend since I won't be competing; however, I am usually easily convinced to got better if a good reason can be prooven.

Thanks again in advance,

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If you ahve to go with one amplifier, go with Alpine. They tend to have a lot of options when it comes to amplifiers designed to run one whole system. Look at the MRV-F545 and MRV-F345. They can run 4, 3, or 2 channels and you can get them for $300-$400 brand new on Ebay.

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Look into Zapco for speaker amps, also JL. Orion quality is not as good as it once was, and US amps are still powerhouses for subs.

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read the ugly, good, bad list if you can

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The PPI PC series would be nice. The amps are compact and have excellent sound quality. They can also be had for great prices on ebay. Though if you want new, Zapco would definitely be a good alternative.

In a car like that, I don't think you would need a four channel amp that much, since rear speakers are so close, they would definitely hurt the soundstage from the front speakers. Instead I would rather get one of the best two channel amps ever produced:

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Really nice amp with a really nice built in crossover

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Where is the ugly, good, bad list?

Excuse me if this is a stupid question.

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go to,glasswolf and many other experts did the list for newbies and people in the hobbie, i'm not going to post it here cuz that's not right to take their credits, just ask for it where i told ya... hhehehehe
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