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Im guessing pushing anything to its max is a bad idea, specially when you have lanzar or a low end brand but do you think an amp gain of about 85-95% is good or too high?

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For Lanzar...Yea. Probably distorted as heck. To adjust the gain, Match it to the pre out volts. I turn the gain down, turn up the HU till it starts to distort, turn down a notch, then turn up gain till it distorts or clips, turn it down a hair and you done. Just do not exceed the set points of the volume level you set. If you set it for like 60/100 then anything past 60 is gonna sound like poo poo. If you want it louder then that, buy a new amp.

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i turn my gain all the way up no matter what im pushin dog i blow subs left and right but i dont give a d@mn cuz my parents pay for all my stuff and they buy me new ones whenever i need them

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I'd say that's way high.
Amp sensitivities vary, but generally they run from about 1/2v to 4v or so. Unless your HU has unsually low voltage pre-amp outputs it should be somewhere near 50%, or less if you have high voltage pre-outs.

The idea is to have the amp producing the most power with your HU volume at or near its max (max w/o clipping).

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i can turn up my volume all the way my speakers start sounding shitty but the subs still going strong.

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Santo DomingoDominican Re...

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change your speakers jeje

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adding tweaters help?
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