What amp would run 2 12" Alpine type "R" the best?


THis summer im getting ready to upgrade my car audio from 2 12" Jensen subs to Alpine. The type "R" series is rated at 300 watts so ill probably get a 300 watt amp. And if the box im getting has 2 sets of terminals can I hook 1 amp up to the terminal and hook the other sub to the sub thats hooked up to the amp. Will there be any issues if I don that. Any Feedback will be nice. Thank you

well Matt.. i do beleave that each alpine is rated at 300 watts rms.. so you would want an amp that has 500-600 watts rms... you have to look at the rms rating when choosing an amp, or even speakers for that matter.. match the numbers up.. are these speakers dual 4 ohm voice coil.. if so.. a class D amp may be just what da doc ordered.. use rockford, alpine, heck there are soo many out there.. i wouldnt use jl audio 500/1 though.. it says 500 but is closer to 700, and 800 watts rms.. the guy i sold them to blew 4 12's and 2 15's(mtx top of the line) with this amp. .. too much power.. but great sound quality...

OH and yess you can hook all the subs to one amp.. wire the voice coils in series, and then wire the two subs in parallel

What price range do these JL audio amps fall in?

Oh and what are the Pros and Cons comparing 2 ohm and 4 ohm dual voice coils? And what would you reconmmend. The amp that I''ll probably purchase is the MRD-M300 its a Class-D I buying it cuz it has the built in bass processor to let you model your own bass style.

Well Matt.. as far as what i have seen on the net they range from $450-600.. in the local store the lowest i have seen is about $550 and goes up to 650.. i usually get my stuff from the net.. takes alittle longer to get.. but the jl 500/1 i had.. may it really controled my subs... BEAUTIFUL SOUND.. GREAT SOUND QUALITY...

Now this amp your cuz has.. man thats a great amp... get it... because of your subs, if you could get another one it would be great... one per speaker.. now the key to the 2 or 4 ohm thing... well it depends on what amp you get... if you get the one your cuz has, you want to end up with a 2 ohm load at the amp nothing under.. nothing bad or good about how you hook it up.. you have to go by what the amp can work with safely....(

Almost forgot.. the reason i say get one per sub is the rms reading of the subs and the amp... they both match up.... subs 300 rms.. and the amp 300 rms at 2 ohms.. perfect match.. thats the real reading you want to go by to match speakers...

thanks for the assuring reply
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