Amp without Elec Sys Upgrade


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Username: Aman2005

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Registered: May-06
Please suggest me an amp for powering a pair of Type r subs without having any change in the electric system. If I buy an amp having power of 500/1 wrms, can it be able to pump those subs properly??

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Username: Jakeyplaysbass

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you should be able to run 1000rms without too much of a problem.

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Username: Alias747


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Jake, 1000 wrms on a stock alternator!!?? I don't think so man....

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Username: Sploosh56


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500 watts is the most I'd throw on a stock alternator

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Username: Mateo

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it depends on the car and how big the stalk alt is. on my 03 durango the stalk alt is 160 amps.

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Username: Southern_bass

Paris, Tennessee U.S.

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i have 650 watts on a 01 f150 and i get moderate blinking when about 55/62 , nothing major though

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Username: Adddisorder

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yeah but iv seen a picture of amans car and its is a smaller sendan type car not a big truck so the stock alt isnt giong to be huge probly tops 100amps so i wouldnt put more then 500-600rms tops on it

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Username: Aman2005

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you mean that an amp having a power of 600wrm will be able to run on the stock alternator?
Will that pump the r type subs properly?
what acould be the configuration for doing so?

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Username: Andysd03

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get a kicker1200.1 and an extra battery and a battery isolater theres no hell in way a jl 500/1 will run 2 type R's dont worry about an alternator yet an extra bettery is just fine as the amp goes straight to the battery anyways when it reaches the limit of the alternator

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Username: Mygame5982


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my friend has a memphis 2000 watt amplifier 1000 wrms on a stock alternator he has a 2001 honda accord two door with no dimming

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Username: Freezeman_7

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ihave 657 watts on a stock alt. i have an 01 f150 and like casey said above i just get blinking on the clip light whent he music gets up high

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Username: Extrmndor3

Chicago, Ill Us

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Registered: Feb-06
o have a bx2006d hifonics 2000 rms i just bought it today and installed in my ford explorer and it just dim when is in full volume and is witout a cap
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