Loud bass pop from sub after car turns off, why?


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Does anyone know why the sub makes a loud bass pop right after I turn my car off? Is it the RCA's or the Ground?

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its RCA ..IT happened with me .. and i changed the RCA .. its gone ..

Try better RCA .

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it could also be that your amp doesnt a good 'soft turn on' circuit. lower end amps get that pop sound went the HU powers up or down.


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I had that problem, until I put a toggle switch on the remote power wire and turned off my sub before my HU.

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I installed a system for my friend and it did that too. He was using a BD series RF amp with soft turn off and Monster Cable RCA's. His would do it when you turn it on, off, and whenever he changed the radio station or CD.

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usually its either the amp or the HU itself. I know the Eclipse 8443 was notorious for having a pop off. Whats your HU?

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whats ur head unit pioneer??? my friend does that to he has a powerbass and and hits at the end when he turns off the car too, and his amp is a jl 1000/1 i think it is the head unit.

like the beeping from the head unit of a pioner when u shut it off (mine does that), i think the bass does that maybe also

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usually that happens when you still have a stock HU if you don't have a stock Hu then that is definately very odd and shouldn't be happening.

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Its a kenwood X890 with the usb attachment. Its one of the better kenwoods.

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lol, what kind of amp is it??
the problem is actually the amplifier 90% of the time...

example my prd1000.1 gave a loud boom, when turn the key straight off.. the boom is the extra voltage on the amplifiers voltage rails leaking out of the capacitors to the subs..

my 2 2500ds do not give me that boom!!

you can wire a relay to the remote wire, to fix this problem..
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