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I have both a 12" Atlas and 12" Arsenal. I have a 1.5 cf (int volume) sealed box. With the Atlas, I added polyfill to the box, fed it 300W. In Low Q mode (.33Qts, estimated .630 Qtc), I really liked the sound. It was crisp and clear. Great separation of bass notes and nice low end. In High Q mode(.52Qts, estimated .954 Qtc) it's louder but doesn't sound as clear.
I removed the polyfill and threw in the Arsenal 12 with 600W. It's a lot louder but not as clear. I see on the site that it recommends 1.2 for sealed but I don't know what Qtc that is and for some reason I can't model the Arsenal correctly in WinISD.
The big differences that I see are how tight the notes are in example T.I.'s albums. Also in Daz Dillinger's Gitt A Dose of Dis Hot Ish there's a kind of "continuous bass note" that plays at one level then drops to a lower level. Not a sweep, but a sharp step. It's two notes with no pause in between. With the Atlas in Low Q, you can pick out the distinct notes. With the Arsenal, it's kinda a blurred sound.
I put the Atlas back in and don't want to swap them out anymore because I'm close to stripping the screw holes since I didn't use T-nuts. Would going down to a 1cf box (smaller than recommended) for the Arsenal get me the sound I want or should I sell it and see if I can pick up a second Atlas or something else.

Thanks in advance.

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glad to hear the good ol atlas can keep up with the new AA subs, i have 2 15's and they are very nice, if it were me i would try to find another atlas, but there kinda hard to find, i seen some a while back on another forum but i don't know if he still has them. ohh how is the upper bass on those, like kick bass and bass gutair, on my atlas's it gets a little muddy, so im gonna try to make the box smaller and see if that helps.

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I love the Arsenals, they blow the RE re's out of the water in all departments. The good thing about the Arsenals is they can function as a really good sounding midrange. I expiramented with them crossed over at about 175Hz and they sounded nothing short of amazing. I have them in a 1.1-1.2 sq. ft. per chamber sealed box.

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From what i've been hearing from some AA users is that the old ones have a better sound to them. Maybe i'll pick one up later.
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