What kinda box


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so i was in my house an i heard sum bass so i went 2 the door an didnt c a car but he was on the lower street then came up turned an went up the road the bass that i heard from the outside of the suv think windows up an it sounded go0d as h3ll but i wanna now what kind of box he had my 1 friend said he might of new him an he said he had 2 15 jls but i dont know what kinda box seald or ported but the bass was sooo crisp an u can here the bass waves an sounded go0d so if any 1 nos what kinda box that is let me now iam thinkin it might b a seald

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it's almost impossible to tell like that, but if I had to guess, I would say ported

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if it had that much output it was most likely ported. subs can still sound very good in ported boxes...

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Ported box, tuned low.. thats all...

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but my friend had a seald box with 2 volfenhags an it sounded like it deep bass that u can hear nice outside but if there jls they would put more output so it could b seald plus if he had that much bass with a ported box u could hear the rattle but i didnt hear any so ill c about it monday iam jealoues of that 1 lol i need 2 b better lol
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