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has anyone had problems with this product? or alpine?
I have!!
cda -9833 H.U.
13 months = 3 times removed for service, 60 dollars shipping, 9 weeks no tunes, unit in for repair 95 more dollars, tried call manager without luck no call backs no help.

the first unit was shipped twice, once to an authorized repair center, then to alpine.
sent a refurb, this unit lasted less than 6 months.


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want to give some details, like what the problems were?

I've sold and owned alpine decks for fifteen years, and never had any real trouble with them.. Nowhere near the troubles I've seen with kenwood, sony, panasonic, and a number of other brands, but if you want an alternate brand to look into, try pioneer premier, or eclipse.

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on the first unit, the cd player stuck. 8:59 into cd, all cd's , it would also get stuck throughout, usually right in the middle of a tight jam. called tech center, said maybe dust on pickup lense. bought a can of compressed air and tried to blow unit clean, still skipped, alpine does not recommend using a cleaning cd, anyway, it did not work either.
sent it in to alpine.
sent back a refurb.
this units cd player had an "error" when a disc was inserted. the faceplate would close before the cd was all the way in, pull the cd away quickly before , the faceplate would close all the way and an "error" was displayed. the faceplate would pinch and bend the cd if the cd was not pulled away. even tried to forcefeed the cd quickly, seemed to have a blockage of some sort.
just for the record I am a non smoker,the units were not abused or beaten (almost) and the cd's are taken good care of, if they get scratched they are disgaurded.
Today, day 4 of calling Alpine, finally got to talk to a manager, cost 95 bucks. however alpine is going to send a different model #, a cda-9855

that is why I went with Alpine, great reviews, have one in wifes car, installed an alpine system in bro-in laws car, sounds great.
had a jvc unit for years, alpine sounded much cleaner. my wife bought the cda-9833 for an xmas gift. sounded way cleaner and louder than the jvc.
just had some technical difficulties, hope this next unit performs.
thanks for the time


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Sounds sh!tty. I think in comparison to other brands, alpine is still one of the best for build quality. There's always going to be lemon's though. sh!tty that you got 2 crap units though. So was Alpine alright to deal with? I've never gone directly through them with warranty. I've always had good service with my dealers, I take it in and let them worry about it.

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part of the problem may have been the refurb unit not having been checked out thoroughly before it was sent back out. That happens from time to time, and it's always very frustrating. I se that happen a lot with computer hardware, too.

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alpine was good to work with when warranty was in effect. I used one of alpines authorized service centers, figured the shipping time wouldn't be as long. well, they sent the unit back claiming to have fixed it. I called them stating the unit was doing the exact same thing it did when i sent it to them. Repair center told me to call UPS, the H.U. was damaged in shipping, give me a break!!
so, out of truck again and another shipping charge to california this time.
Alpine was all apologies and sent out a refurb right away.
Now that the warranty has expired, just expired, if you take account time out for service, i did not have the H.U. a full year.
I called alpine and told them I was not paying 95 bucks to fix a piece of junk that may only work for six months, i want to talk to a manager.
maybe that was not the right thing to say. when frustrated it's hard to refrain from being an idiot. took four days to talk to a manager, called cust. service, called the tech. center, left voicemails, no return call.
when i told the girl at the desk, Ok fine, i'll pay the 95 dollars, if I can get a brand new unit or a differnet model #, i got to talk to a manager
He is shipping out a cda-9855, it would have cost more than $95 to purchase a new head unit. I figured worst came to worst i would repair the 9833 and hope to sell it for 200$ on ebizzle, not be a total loss.
so will give the new unit a try,
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