Very Important Question ????


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Befor 5 years ago i asked my self a question , And until now i did n't find the correct answer .

My Question is ?

what is the different between this >>
L7 15" 350$ 1000w RMS
Kx2500.1 770$
Sx1250.1 650$
W15GTi 450$ 800RMS
JL audio
amp 1000/1 740$

13W7 sub's 700$

High Prices >>

And this second stuff


amp KAC-8151D 1000 watts 239$

KAC-9152D 1800 watts 214$

KFC-W3009 59$ 400 RMS

JBL sub's
GTO1504D 100$ 300RMS


Amp RIP-D3 3000 watts 169$
sub's 12W3 V2 D4 180$ 300RMS

I just want to say with that total of first stuff(high prices)
I can buy alot of sub's and amp of second one

as example i can buy three amp of kenwood KAC-9152D or KAC-8151D of totla 700$ and Six of sub's KFC-W3009 of totla 360$ .. Equal 1060$

But if i buy one kx2500.1 and two L7 15" my totla will be 770+700=1470$ .

and else of another products .

in my first answer i said high price but good quality , But now i can n't imagine pair of L7 will be louder than six or more kenwood or Jbl or W3 jl audio .

what is you answers ?? All of you plz ?

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you get what you pay for.

Kicker and JL make good products. Not all subs are the same becaue they happen to be 12" in diameter. The design and construction can be completely different. Same with two amps being "500 watts"

with Kenwood, their speakers are lackluster, and amps have extraordinary failure rates. They also love to shut down with 2 ohm loads.

Boss.. is just total crap. their "2000 watt" amps actually put out about a tenth of that power in reality, since they go by max ratings and not CEA2006 certified RMS ratings for power.

apparently you didn't look very hard to learn the differences over the last five years since a simple google search would have answered most of your questions, but here's a little basic primer for amplifier design and what makes for a good amp:

read that and it should help you see what goes into a good product versus a cheap one.

you don't get quality components to build a good product cheaply so the price of the parts equates to a higher price for the end result.

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Thanks alot .. i alreasdy bought sx1250.1 and pair cvx 12" .

but after i bought them i asked myself this question , If i bought kenwood or Boss or cheep JL i will get that loud sound or what ?

i thought if my amp blow i will be stupied to pay that much and found my self without anything .

But i knew if i pay much i will find that .

ok now that we got that sorted out, whats your very important question?

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i want your opinion anonymous .

or you do n't have any opinion's in this life .

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those are my thoughts pretty mcuh i decided to go w/ 3 12w3v2's vs just one 12w7 b/c for cheaper i could get more for my money.

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that's what i'm taiking about >>

like this , If i push three of 12w3 or more .

Can w7 be louder that three W3 , Or any other prands .

Thanks ucfsaxman for wrote your opinion ..
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