Whats amp power wire fuse do?


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on my amp power wire, is it manditory that i have a fuse? what exactly does it do?

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idk if its manditory, but i think it stops your fuses on your amp from frying, i wouldn't take it out. if its blowing get a square 120a fuse

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i heard its incase the power wire grounds out some where. this will blow the fuse, or if too much power is drawn from the battery. but i want to see for sure what its for.

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yea...inline fuse are to protect the wire more than to protect the amp.

if the wire grounds out and its not fused...it can melt or even burn! i have seen 8ga wire melted from the batt all the way to the fire-wall!!!

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the fuse goes inline by the battery.
it's there to prevent a car fine if there's a short to ground from the line off the battery positive and alternator.

otherwise there's no fused link between the ground-short and the source of energy.
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