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if you have more subs is it the better the sound or does it all matter on the subs? my friend is getting rid of his R for 3 S's i personaly don't like Alpine subs, but will the S's sound better because there is more of them or how does this work?

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if all r 12s

1 R = 500wrms
3 S = 300wrms x 3 = 900wrms

been said evryadditional sub increases spl by 3db - so yea new setup should be considerably louder .

if were me i'd buy another R 2 make it simpler...

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hes trading in his 12"r for 3 10S's, im pretty sure the S's will be louder but what would sound better?

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more subs might make it louder but it won't make it sound better(sq wise) the type r will sound better even if he traded 1 type r for 50 type s' the r is just a more musical sub.

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thats what i told him. he said he wants to hear more of a POW in stead of a POOOOOOW if you know what i mean, he like wants to hear sharp sounds i told him hte R would be better but the S's MIGHT get louder, not sure if they will, he is powering th R at about 3/4 recomended, and he will be powering the S's and 1/2 recomended. so yea, he just wont listen to me

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he'd be better off going to two 12" type Rs.
look at the difference in surface area + total excursion one-way.
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