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anyone have any experience with this particular kit?
if not does anyone know of a set of LED's that arent very expensive at all?

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those are cr@p! water resistent? they are outside of the car how are they only water resistent? They have no protective clear pvc coating like the better ones. I would not waste money on them.

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i think underbody lights are played out and out of style at least in my area i haven't seen a car w/ underbody in over a year. show cars still have them at shows but no distinguished cars on the street have them here.

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underbody lights are g@y

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if you are going to go with underbody lighting, DO NOT GO WITH NEON... you shouldnt even go with neon on the interior. neon fades out over time and loses its brightness... go with LED, all the way. i have a blue LED underbody kit on my yukon... it has (2) 54" tubes and (2) 48" tubes but they are not hard plastic tubes like normal neon.. the LED bulbs are surrounded in rubber for a total of a 1" thick tube, making them water resistant, chip resistant, shock resistant, etc. i have had this kit for almost 2 years now and have not had ANY problems with it... but ALWAYS go with LED bc they last A LOT longer than neon, never lose their brightness and are fairly cheaper... go check out ebay, u can get all ur LED needs for cheap. hope this helps. l8r (ill post a pic of my underbody soon and my interior so u can see some LED) l8r

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"""underbody lights are g@y""" - since when !? , i thought since the fast/furious movie that it was 'the shiznit' -lol .........

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every1 has an opinion about underbody, i personnaly LOVE them.
thanx 4 the advice mark...i was thinking bout street glow's blue line series

dont listen to them dan most of the people on this forum are g@y.

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I have red LED underbodys made by a company called Lite-Glow and im pretty pleased with them. just my 2 cents. they were like 69 bucks on ebay shipped. but then again.. u get what u pay for just like everything else.

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u can make ur own stuff that would be even cheaper.

dont no the link to do it......well realy there is no link to it just a link to make your own angel eyes(bmw helo effect on the lights)

all you take is the clear rod and use a dremel to cut flat spots on the rod....and add leds to the ends....dont no how well it would light up the ground.....

just look for D.I.Y. angel eyes
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