***Subs causing static in interior speakers


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Every time the subs hit in my car the interior speakers get a whole bunch of static

ne1 know what the problem is???

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I had the same problem, but i never figured it out. I was going through a crossover and then to two seperate amps and then to my fronts and my subs. When i turned the bass up i got static in the fronts. I hope someone knows what it is.

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no one has any idea? Mike whats your setup?

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sounds like a power issue. Did you hook up your amp(s)? what exactly do you have hooked up and to what? we need a little more info on your system to try and help.

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Ya its too early too tell. Take some good photos of your wiring and install. Explain your wiring diagram and maybe we can trouble shoot it for you.

From what you said so far the only thing that stands out is;

"Every time the subs hit"

This may mean that you have a loose connection (possibly a ground) or even a short circuit that is caused only when there is vibration such as that from heavy bass.

Try to take your subs out of the car and hook up some long speaker wires to them and see if your comps still get static with the subs outside. This will eliminate the fact of vibration causing a short or lack of ground.

I would also check into what size wire you have used for power, remote, and ground for your system. Your subs may draw too much current and there may be a voltage drop. This may cause your comp amp to malfunction.

Who knows? It is too early to tell yet. Give us pictures, and/or more info first.

Just my .02
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