My battery marks 12.9v (with the engine off) is it good?


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my car battery shows in my multimeter 12.9v (with everything off, (including engine off).
It's a sealed battery (PANASONIC), 550amp i think
Is this good? normal? bad?

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That's good. Normal voltage is around 12.5v - 12.9v. If you get below 12v, then your battery is either not holding charge or not charging.

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hmmm....well, it's interested that it's at 12.9 volts.. this means that your alternator at idle wont charge your battery, since most alternators idle at 12.5 volts or so.

Also, it could mean that dropping this battery to 12 volts would be like dropping a 12 volt battery to like 11.2 or so.. Might want to make sure it's a 12v battery.

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yes, it's 12V, while my car was parked it was showing 12.93 to be exact, and again, my engine was off, i remember two weeks ago that i checked my battery with only my engine ON and everything off and it was showing 13.7v

Is this still wrong? or quite normal?
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