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did anyone saw the Jack Hammer from MTX?!? it is INSANE! 22" bigger than some freagin wheels! plus it HUGE AS$ magnet and all the stuff! 400POUND, WHAT KIND OF SOUND DOES IT MAKE THIS CREATURE?

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search through the threads...........your bound to see tons of info on this sub

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this sub was just some gimmick by mtx to get people to look at their normal subs. They see this so-called "beast" and are speachless. then they learn that they can buy mini jack hammers, which are subs they already were producing but not selling many of, the 8500. which is still a good sub, but most retailers could only sell their entry subs, basically around the 5500 and thier top sub, the 9500, which "according to their test" was "better" than a W7, which is also bs becuase the W7 is a sq sub, and the tests just show that the 9500 can get louder. anyway, you can go and spend $7000 or $8000, whatever its going for, on a 22" jackhammer and then a few grand on amps for it, or you can take your $10,000 and make a completely amazing complete system that would not only sound wayyyy better but also get louder. This is all just my $.02. you may say that im just saying all this because i cant afford a jackhammer. Trust me, even if i could afford one, i wouldnt buy it.there's so much better out there for 1/50 of the cost. just dont get fooled into think their 10-15" jackhammers are based off the 22" one in any way.

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You sound like Yoda from Star Wars: "WHAT KIND OF SOUND DOES IT MAKE THIS CREATURE?" lol

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I agree that jackhammers are a way overrated gimmick to get business. Over the p[ast few years or so mtx has really gone down hill. Mtx is off of my list for good. Hello jl audio, LoL. Ur the new number one on my list
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