Amp won't turn on


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im trying to hook up a car amp into my house hooked up to two 12" subs and a pair of 225w 6x9" speakers.
my amp is a sony xplod 500w, and im using a 25amp inverter i bought from radio shack.
i can't get the amp to power on or at least get the LED on.

i realize it's a 155w underpowered (25*13.8 = 345w). but, i thought it would still be able to power on and operate, at least get the back LED to light up.

here's some photos:

Is there something I'm missing??

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good thing u posted some pics cause i see your problem very easily !

REM (remote) wire is NOT connected ! - when using a car deck u attack it to the rem wire (usually blue) u can also connect it to your positive terminal on your adapter . Without rem wire being connected - your amp will NEVER turn on .

is that a discman u are using btw ?......

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"(usually blue)" - the wire on a car deck that is

u can attach any color wire to that REM connection on your amp , i like to use the same blue or yellow ...

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that sony looks beautiful.
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