Do most songs not have good SQ or is it my setup?


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I honestly don't think the bass is that clear in some songs that I play. RE12's in a sealed box SHOULD have pretty good SQ, and they do, but only on certain songs. Country for example, the bass guitar sounds like a guy is playing one in my car and the bass drum is crisp, clean, and accurate. A lot of other songs though really aren't that good including all Metallica, Crossfade, Seether, etc. They seem to just be a ton of bass thrown together. I have the RE12's in a sealed box with 1.25 cubic feet per chamber. I might try to go to a 5 cubic foot ported tuned to 35Hz for some more output and SQ. What do you all think?

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your gunna lose some sq just by going from sealed to ported

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One thing I would double check is to see what your LPF and HPF are set at, more specifically the LPF.

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So is the muddy bass in a lot of songs normal? Not a whole lot of rock songs are crystal clear bass.

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I think it does really depend a lot on the individual recording. I know that a lot of the underground heavy metal I listen to, bands that don't have a ton of money and aren't too popular, just have crappy recordings. There are some specific recordings that just sound better in SQ to me than others. Check out Rage Against the Machine, self-titled album, Incubus - Morning View, as two of the best on pure SQ. Metallica - Kill em all is imo a great recording, as are most of their other albums (Justice for all sounds kinda muddy sometimes). But I have found that depending on the band I sometimes have to tinker the EQ to get the sound that I want.

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kenny g really sounds good in a car with system. the bass sounds good and the highs are awesome.

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thanks for your all's input. I just stuck some of the best SQ songs I could think of in my car and they sound absolutely AMAZING so it isn't the system. My head is pounding because I turned up the bass pretty loud so that it was pounding my brain. lol

I guess that's the down fall of good sound systems. you can hear the imperfections of some recordings. even most mp3's are pretty bad compared to the original recording on CD.

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unless your smart and rip them off a dvd audio disk and compress them at 320k they won't sound as good as a properly mixed cd if you have the system.

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Chris what is your LPF and HPF set to ?

Set your LPF to 80hz and your HPF to 80hz and see how that sounds and let me know.

Also turn off any extra bass boosts on your HU
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