Bass guitar to subwoofers


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i want to connect my bass guitar to my subwoofers. how could i do it? somehow the phonejack from the guitar would have to connect to the amp either by rca jacks or bare wire (not sure, i dont have an amp yet)

basically i want things to connect like this...

bass guitar - amp - subwoofers

is it possible?

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I'm pretty sure you'd have to have a preamp to hook that up, but I'm also pretty sure you wouldn't want to endanger your equipment by doing so since it wasn't made to play live instruments through.

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you are going to blow your speakers.

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bass guitars hit alot higher notes than subwoofers...the speakers in your bass guitar is like one big mid.

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well your guitar has a bult in preamp but no amp control what i would recomend doing that i think would be pretty cool is get any cd deck of your choice that has an input on it or you may already have one either way there not hard to come by, then go to your local electronics shop or even a dj shop and get a phonejack to rca wire and you well be set good luck man and dont turn it up to loud a bass guitar could blow speakers easly

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if you connect to the cd deck than you will definately blow your components or 6x9s.
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