Two CompVr 10's or one Brahma 10???


i want some good subs and i like both of these..

this is what i would end up doing it i got either set up:

then i would put each one in its own .8 cu ft sealed chamber and run a KX600.1 on them

then i would put it in a 1.2 cu ft vented box tuned to 35hz, and run about 600-900 watts to it (not sure what amp i'd get)

what would be better???

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I'd go with the 2 comp VR's and the kx 600.1

i also looked a pair of eD K series 10's...

would they be better thatn the 2 compvrs or the one brahma
(i would put em in the same box as i would the compvrs....a .8 sealed on)

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in your two examples, the Brahma would end up being louder.
adding a second sealed sub gives you +3dB, but so does using one sub and going from sealed to ported, so one ported vs two sealed is more or less equal.
Then, you're giving more power to the single Brahma by a factor of about 1.5X, so you're adding another 1-2dB for that additional power.
It would "feel" pretty close either way.
I'd go with the Brahma, and be prepared to add a second Brahma later when I had the funds.
That way you end up with the best of both worlds.. great subs, and max output from a 2 Ohm stable mono amp, which in this case would be something like a Kicker 02KX1200.1

any of the three companies have good subs.. Adire, Kicker, or eD.

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Username: Glasswolf

NorthWest, Michigan USA

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by the way keep in mind to reach the mechanical max output of the brahmas, you only need about 500-600wRMS each in the right box..
so no need for an amp larger than the 1200.1 for two brahmas..
with one sub, you'd get 600wRMS @ 4 Ohms, with two, 1200wRMS x 1 @ 2 Ohms.

i figured that the SPL would be about the same...
i would love to get the brahma though...but i have a space issue!!!

have you ever seen one of thoughs custom fit boxes to go under the back seat of an ext. cab chevy truck(forward-firing, not down fire)??? I was looking at getting one of thoughs if i got the compvrs.

if i got the brahma 10 i was looking at having the back seat lifted bout 2-2.5" and building a box similar to that type of box,

only it would be made out of 3/4 MDF and have a single chamber (bout 1.6 cu ft not counting port and sub volume) and have the brahma on the drivers side and a 4-5" diameter port on the passenger side...

do you know that i'm talking about??? do you think it would work???....or should i just get the compvr's and be done w/ it???
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