Head unit fusible link causing engine noise???


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i've just got a new pioneer head-unit (deh-p4700mp) and pioneer 2-channel amp (gm-5100t) which i have the rear speakers connected to (front speakers are just off the hu itself) but i'm getting noise when the enigine is running thru the rear speakers which i think is coming from the alternator. i've checked all my grounds, tried rewiring everything, using noise filters, changing the suppressor cap off the alternator, but nothing has helped. its also a diesel car so it couldn't be anything to do with ignition system.

i was told by a car audio shop that with pioneer hu's there is a fusible link in the hu itself which can blow if the rca's are connected while there is power to the amp, and will cause this problem with the engine noise. they also said it could be fixed, just not how.

has anyone had this happen, or heard of this happening and know how to fix the problem because its the only thing i have left to try. thanx for any help

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which can blow if the rca's are connected while there is power to the amp

Then the 'fuse' would blow every time the system is on.

They might be saying this: By hooking up only the power wires to the amp and not grounding it, the amp would try to ground itself through the RCAs going to the headunit-which would fry something in the headunit. Otherwise, they probably aren't being honest or do not know what they are talking about.

You could try a noise suppressor:http://www.electronixwarehouse.com/car/accessories/noise-sup.htm

Also, does the noise come from all sources? (CD, Tuner, external equipment) or just one source?
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