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k im new to this stuff but i got one Alpine type R 12"from my brother when he moved out. i bult a box for two 12" subs(sealed) i want to have two subs in my car so iv herd that not alot of people mix subs and i dont realy got alot of cash to spend 200$(canadian)<--lol so could any one help me out? or should i not mix subs and just run away from the idea lol

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I haven't heard anything about mixing sub types, as far as sizes, thats a BIG no-no. it becomes too difficult to tune both subs together, as I imagine it will be for 2 different types of subwoofers...

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good question.
I have similar concerns...
Muddywaters once gave me brief advice similar to the advice given above...
Does anyone out there feel like shedding some detailed light on the subject as to why, when, where, and how for us?
Thanks, everyone.

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you should be able to get another type R for that price...look at some online sites

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Definately dont do it in the same box.. That would be a pretty bad thing, as they displace different amounts of air, etc..


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If you are at all concerned with SQ don't mix subs. If you're just looking for more output go for it. It may not sound too hot, but shouldn't damage anything.


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mixing subs is bad because:

both subs(that are different) will not play the same frequencies the same. one might be louder, and the other one might get lower. they will not reach their linear Xmax at the same time, so while one might be hammering, the other could only be at 1/2 or 3/4 of it's Xmax. if they aren't identical, or at least the same model with all the same parts then they will not sound the same. also, one might require a smaller/bigger airspace, and higher/lower tuning. it's like mixing pistons in your engine, i wouldn't put a 4-cyl ford piston in a 4-cyl honda motor. just to give you an example.
hope this helps:-O

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i wouldn't put a 4-cyl ford piston in a 4-cyl honda motor.

I would!!! Then I'd drain all the oil and coolant out, and rev it to about 9000 rpms and watch it smoke :D

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lol not this subject again
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