Sub Boxes, really make that much of a difference?


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So I decided to buy the Best Buy special for a few dollars more and return the bass tube.
Ok, well I have a 10" dual box lying around but the subs are 12". Obviously dont fit, well one sorta fits, the other just lies there. Anyways, im using it temporarily untill tomorrow.
It sounds like nothing, like there is very little to no extra bass whatsoever. I know its not the amp/subs because the bass tube sounded better then this and its 4xless powerfull rms. Its a bandpass box btw, and when I had 10" in it before it sounded awesome , but if you took the fiberglass or w/e it was off of it, then it sounded really weak and not to appealing.

Anyways, for these 12" Circuit City has a sale right now at the store near me since this one is going out of buisness and they have an MTX dual 12" sub box for 30 bux.( oid/119724/catOid/-13094/rpem/ccd/ ) Figured id give it a go, and hope it sounded better. What do you think?

Now, from your guys experience, do boxes really make that much of a difference? Like, I dont see why the bass would sound different in different boxes, or why you would even need a box, but im assuming it has something to do with vibrations and echos?

Also, I had my old amp and subs wired like this:

Two wires coming off of the amp with two wires connected to one of the wires. One wire went into each of the power connectors. But the extra two wires went to the negative sides of each of the connectors. This was supposedly wired as a "mono- amp 1 or 2 ohm wiring job that would make it sound a lot better aka circuitcity) I figured I would give it a shot with this --> ryId=cat03081&id=1114638698347

I dont think it would matter would it? Or should I just get rid of that extra wiring and connect each one by itself to the power connectors?

Alright, im done rambling, thanks for the help and feedback guys I appreciate it.
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