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Hey every one i was at menards a few days ago and i just decided to start wondering around and the pvc area caught my attention i'm sure u all have seen the T pipes i was wondering if you could like incorperate that into a port like if you need a really long port if you could go and put the one end facing out of the box so you have the port length but have like two openings on the inside part of the port but only one on the outside? if thats a lil confusing tell me im gona try to find and example if i can...

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the pipes were supposed to be all the same size i just aint that great with paint lol....But it isnt necisarily like that the port could be above the sub or what ever but would a port work like that though? or what if you had like a change in size like the part that is facing out what if you changed that to like 8" and the part that was inside the box was 4" what would all happen?
Port Idea.bmp (38.0 k)

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if youre using a T pipe junction and adding extensions, you'd have to use plenty of pipe dope to keep it from buzzing at the joints. you should probably make some sort of bracket outside to hold it and keep the insides over 1in from the wall because it's bound to flex alot more than a normal port.

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Problem is - your main port now becomes your choke point.

being fed from a pair of tubes the same size going to a single tube... Could make your main port bigger, but then you're defying the "keep port one size' rule.


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you don't need this though. you could just have a pipe with one opening on the outside and one on the inside, and the pipe could just turn a corner of the box. like an L shape. or just use a slot port that does this.

if you could put each end of the T close to a corner on each side.. i think it would be possible to gain 2db and some detailed musical air flow... built right it would change the port air from sounding like @$$ to something more musical
built wrong it would just increase resonance/echo slur

it would probably be best if the port was Y shaped with each end of the Y sucking the bottom of the pyramid/corner..(picture a brace for a corner)

funny folded acoustics lol
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