what's the NAD of car audio?


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NAD for home audio is famous for their near-audiophile performance at very reasonable mid-fi prices, and their no-BS approach to design: instead of bling-bling (all flashing lights, 1000 useless DSP modes, and all that teenage crap) they give you very very simple faceplates, with just a few simple knobs and switches...your $$$ goes inside, to the electrical components, where it damn well should be, not on all these stupid gimmicks.

Is there anything like NAD in car audio? Especially for head units?

Nakamichi has nice plain designs, haven't heard their sound though.

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Personally, the DRZ9255 by Clarion seems like the best in that respect...

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I dont believe there is a NAD in car audio. Nad's big thing was well designed amps made in Taiwan. At that time there were three choices in home audio, Hi-End(US made) Mid-fi(Japan made) and low-end(china made) NAD made Mid-Fi stuff at a low-end cost.

I know of no car audio companys that do this.

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clarion, some lower model pioneers perhaps, nakamichi..
otherwise if you want audiophile quality and simplicity, look at alpine F1status, but you're going to pay for it like buying a Krell or Pass Labs amplifier.

nelson pass must be rich by now. heh

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I'll look into Clarion then. I'd like to keep the HU under $250 if possible.

Strange, for some reason I always thought of Clarion as some cheap Walmart brand but on these car audio forums I see it being recommended a fair bit.
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